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Tomorrow’s bold ideas need today’s big dreamers.

Society is evolving faster than ever before, and its challenges are unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. In these uncertain times, we can’t just anticipate the future—we have to shape its course.

At the University of Cincinnati and UC Health, we’re driven by next; thinking bolder and dreaming bigger to create the tomorrow we envision, today.

With its focus on innovation and impact, Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati is where ambition meets action. Through this campaign, you can break new paths for students, and support discoveries and cures. You can invest in world-class patient care, and propel the work that makes us uniquely (and globally) Cincinnati.

Let’s come together to unleash our limitless potential on the biggest stages.

And let’s show the world that we’re what’s next, now.

The Next, Now Campaign Actions

The future won’t wait for us.

Let’s start now, and let’s start here.

This is your moment to own, and your tomorrow to shape, today. This is your chance to empower the next leaders, explore the next frontier and embrace the next purpose for our region, and for our world.

Cincinnati doesn’t choose us. We choose Cincinnati, because this is where next happens.

And what’s next, starts with you.

Next, Now Campaign Leadership

We are grateful for a growing community of leaders who are thinking bolder and dreaming bigger with us. Thank you to these visionary and passionate volunteers for leading what’s next!

Campaign Champions

Eric C. Broyles
Tom and Karen Cassady
Alvin and Alva Jean Crawford
Bob and Rose Fealy
John and Carrie Hayden
Timothy E. and Janet L. Johnson
Candace Kendle and Chris Bergen
Larry and Rhonda Sheakley
Richard and Cornelia Thornburgh
Myron E. (Mike) Ullman III