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Society is evolving faster than ever before, and its challenges are unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. In these uncertain times, we can’t just anticipate the future—we have to shape its course.

At the University of Cincinnati and UC Health, we’re driven by next; thinking bolder and dreaming bigger to create the tomorrow we envision, today.

With its focus on innovation and impact, Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati is where ambition meets action. Through this campaign, you can break new paths for students, and support discoveries and cures. You can invest in world-class patient care, and propel the work that makes us uniquely (and globally) Cincinnati.

Let’s come together to unleash our limitless potential on the biggest stages.

And let’s show the world that we’re what’s next, now.

Gen-1 Students

The Next, Now Campaign Actions

Empower Our Next Leaders


From the classrooms and labs to co-ops and on-the-job learning, UC is where students actively seize their opportunities to shape the future for themselves, for their families, for all of us.

These are the learners who will become the leaders. These are the generational trailblazers, big-picture problem-solvers and global innovators our world needs—and you can help them get there.

Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati centers on positioning students for success, both here at UC and well beyond. You can empower our next leaders through support for scholarships, fellowships and other student-experience initiatives so they can focus on their future readiness for wherever the world may take them.


When you invest in Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati, you can empower our next leaders by supporting:

  • Endowed scholarships and fellowships that provide permanent opportunities for students to attend, grow and graduate from UC.
  • Scholarship and fellowship programs that represent the best of UC, and the best of what’s next.
  • Student accessibility programs for our neighbors in Cincinnati Public Schools, and for all who aspire to learn, do and dream.
  • Signature student programs in career-based education, including co-ops, and professional development that shape the future for our Bearcats beyond UC.

Explore Our Next Frontier


Frontiers are something we know well. Cincinnati was built on one, and in an ever-evolving world, we look to our knowledge-creators and risk-takers to take on the next.

Faculty, researchers and other professionals across UC and UC Health do more than spark curiosity. Their tireless, passionate ingenuity leads to the academic and clinical discoveries, innovations—and even cures—that will transcend generations.

Through Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati, you can keep these brilliant minds on the leading edges of exploration and discovery. Investing in visionary talent, innovation-driven programs and life-changing advances in patient care ensures that, together, we can drive forward our region and world to the next frontiers that await us.


By investing in Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati, together we can explore our next frontier through your support for:

  • Endowed chairs, professorships, directorships and other positions that attract and cultivate talent at UC and UC Health.
  • UC’s emergent Digital Futures program that pursues high-tech solutions for human problems.
  • Programs centered on discovery, innovation and creativity that transcend traditional disciplines and actively engage our community in societal problem-solving.
  • UC Health initiatives that advance state-of-the-art patient care programs and clinical innovation.

Embrace Our Next Purpose


What makes us the university and health care system not in Cincinnati, but distinctly of Cincinnati?

It’s the mix of 14 colleges and the region’s only academic health system that work together to undertake the big challenges.

It’s the signature programs, centers of excellence and game-changing facilities that set us apart in education and health care.

It’s the future-leaning initiatives that draw on our urban roots and inspire us to affect regional (and global) change.

Imagine your boldest vision for the future coming to life—this is the place to embrace it. This is where you can propel the people and ideas that will change the ways of changing the world.

This is your platform—your moonshot. Through Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati, your passion can become a purpose.


Invest in Next, Now: The Campaign for Cincinnati, and together, we can embrace our next purpose, such as these:

  • The 1819 Innovation Hub and other paradigm-shifting ideas that catalyze talent and economic development.
  • World-class care for those with the most complex health needs, making Cincinnati a destination for patients and their families.
  • Urban-serving, future-leaning initiatives that tackle significant challenges within our community’s well-being, technology, globalization and more.
  • Programs and centers of national/global distinction across UC and UC Health.

Campus Architecture

The future won’t wait for us.

Let’s start now, and let’s start here.

This is your moment to own, and your tomorrow to shape, today. This is your chance to empower the next leaders, explore the next frontier and embrace the next purpose for our region, and for our world.

Cincinnati doesn’t choose us. We choose Cincinnati, because this is where next happens.

And what’s next, starts with you.

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Next, Now Campaign Leadership

We are grateful for a growing community of leaders who are thinking bolder and dreaming bigger with us. Thank you to these visionary and passionate volunteers for leading what’s next!

Campaign Champions

Eric C. Broyles
Tom and Karen Cassady
Alvin and Alva Jean Crawford
Bob and Rose Fealy
John and Carrie Hayden
Timothy E. and Janet L. Johnson
Candace Kendle and Chris Bergen
Larry and Rhonda Sheakley
Richard and Cornelia Thornburgh
Myron E. (Mike) Ullman III